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Workshop Week "Behavioral Genetics in Social Science Research"

Date: 08.10 - 12.10.2018 ics-file

Location: Köln

The purpose of this workshop week is to familiarize social scientists with genetic data and provide instruction on how to incorporate genetic information into social science analyses. Next to short general introductions into the topic of genetics in the social sciences, all three workshops offer hands-on training for researchers working at the intersection of genetics and social science research.
The first workshop introduces and uses the "TwinLife" data archived at GESIS to familiarize the participants with twin studies and related quantitative methods of behavioral genetic analysis on an introductory level. The second workshop gives a more profound introduction into the theoretical concepts behind twin and family behavioral genetic models and uses these models to estimate heritability and genetic correlation. The third workshop continues by discussing specific questions that arise in the work with molecular genetics like how to deal with genetic heterogeneity in social science models or how to estimate gene-environment interaction.
While all three workshops can be booked and attended separately, we recommend interested researchers to participate in the whole workshop week.
Full fee for the Workshop Week is 450 € (Academic), 900 € (Commercial) or 300 € (Student).
If you wish to book only single workshops see respective prices in the workshop you wish to attend.
Selected participants will have the opportunity to present and discuss their own research ideas or projects in the form of a poster presentation with the lecturers and participants of the workshop in the evening of October 8, 2018. Participants interested in a poster presentation are asked to apply by submitting a short outline (about 0.5 pages) of their research idea or research project until August 20, 2018. Click here to submit your application.
Please remember to first book your workshop(s) and then apply for the poster presentation.
If you have questions regarding the workshop content or the application for the poster presentation please contact Dr. Nora Müller
For organizational questions, please send an e-mail to Loretta Langendörfer