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Data Management, Advanced Programming and Automation using Stata (Online-Workshop!)

Anne-Kathrin Stroppe, Nils Jungmann, Antonia May

Datum: 27.04 - 28.04.2021 ics-Datei

Veranstaltungsort: Online via Zoom / Course language: English

Referenteninformationen - Anne-Kathrin Stroppe

Referenteninformationen - Nils Jungmann

Referenteninformationen - Antonia May


The course is designed to encourage participants, who are already handling Stata fluently, to unpack the potential of Stata for the automation of tasks in data management and data processing. Thus, it is not an introduction to the software but addresses advanced Stata users who want to learn how to employ loops and macros to efficiently solve data processing tasks, write own little programs (ados), or generate (LaTeX) documents from within Stata. The course will provide participants with the necessary basic knowledge on automation and programming in Stata, but beyond that we will discover how to write reproducible Stata syntax and maintain standardized workflows. The lecturers will present best practice examples from processing and analyzing survey data and participants will be able to apply their knowledge to use cases in Stata directly.



  • Advanced Stata users who are interested in programming and want to advance their prior knowledge
  • Participants who are interested in trying to solve complex data processing tasks in efficient ways using Stata
  • Participants who have a specific data preparation or data processing problem that they want to work on in the course

  • Lernziel

    Participants will improve wrangling and analyzing data in Stata with regard to reproducibility and efficiency of their syntax. They will be able to write Stata syntax and programs which they can re-use and apply to their own use cases.


    Participants should be familiar with Stata and use its basic data processing commands on a regular basis. They should have experience in using Stata syntax files and be able to present typical challenges they face when wrangling and analysing data.
  • Software Requirements - We would kindly ask you to have Stata installed on your laptop before the workshop!

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