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Reaching Hidden Populations via Participatory Research Methods

Prof. Dr. Ingvill C. Mochmann, Andrea Meckel

Datum: 02.02.2018 ics-Datei

Veranstaltungsort: Cologne


This workshop will discuss how hidden populations, i.e. groups of people which are not accessible for research via standard research methods, may be reached through so called “Participatory Research Methods”. These methods imply that members of the population are included at one, several or all steps of the research process, such as the development of relevant questions, the spread of the questionnaire and the interpretation of results. The workshop will discuss advantages of such methods and give practical knowledge on how such research may be carried out. Further it will be discussed which problems may occur (specifically if the researched topic is very sensitive), what to keep in mind when working with “lay researchers”. In particular research projects on the group of Children Born of War will be used as example in the practical part of the course.
participatory research, hidden populations, sensitive topics, children, lay researchers


All people interested in research on hidden populations and participatory research methods.


The general idea behind participatory research methods as well as advantages and challenges of such methods, specifically with respect to sensitive topics. Knowledge about how to use participatory research methods and what to consider when working with lay researchers.


General knowledge about study planning and data collection may be of advantage, but are no necessity.



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