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Meet the Data - The Children of Immigrants Longitudinal Survey in Four European Countries (CILS4EU)

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Lecturer(s): Dr. Hannes Weber, Lisa Sauter, Markus Weißmann

About the lecturer - Dr. Hannes Weber

About the lecturer - Lisa Sauter

About the lecturer - Markus Weißmann

Course description

The CILS4EU project is dedicated to the comparative analysis of the development of immigrants' progeny in the four countries England, Germany, Netherlands and Sweden. In its current form it is the first comprehensive and fully-standardized panel study on this topic in Europe - a unique opportunity for researchers all over the world to study the internal processes leading to intergenerational integration. This two-day workshop provides an introduction to the Children of Immigrants Longitudinal Survey in Four European Countries (CILS4EU) and its potential to analyze questions dealing with very different kinds of immigrants' integration in their host societies. In this hands-on course, participants have the opportunity to answer specific research questions using data from the first three waves of CILS4EU as well as the three waves of the follow-up survey in Germany with its specific features.


This workshop will use Stata for empirical examples and exercises. Previous experience with Stata is assumed. Participants will not need to bring a laptop computer for this workshop. This workshop will take place in a computer lab. Presentations slides, replication code and recommended literature will be made available for participants of the workshop.
To participate in this workshop, participants should have a good working knowledge of the principles and practice of multiple and logistic regression, as well as elementary statistical inference. In addition all participants are expected to have basic knowledge of empirical research methods.