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Egocentric Networks: Theory, Methods, and Applications

Mannheim, B6, 4-5
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Students: 250 €
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Commercial: 750 €
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Lecturer(s): Dr. Lydia Repke

About the lecturer - Dr. Lydia Repke

Course description

This workshop introduces personal social network analysis for social scientists. It is meant to be a practical guide for people interested in conducting their own personal social network study. We will first cover the basic concepts of the personal network approach, including common assumptions and theories in social network research. We will further discuss different name generators and name interpreters as well as ways to measure network structure and try out specific personal network software (e.g., EgoNet, Network Canvas). Participants are invited to present and receive feedback on their research ideas on Day 3.

Target group

Graduate students and researchers in the social sciences that are interested in conducting a personal (egocentric) network study.

Learning objectives

Participants will first receive an introduction to the most important theories of social network analysis in general, followed by a specific introduction to the basic methods of personal network analysis. Participants will have the opportunity to present their research idea or a specific research project. After completing the workshop, participants should be able to design and conduct a research study on personal social networks.


Participants should have basic knowledge in quantitative data analysis.


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