GESIS Training Courses

Course 7: Web Survey Design

Prof. Mick P. Couper, PhD, Dr. Ines Schaurer

Datum: 13.08 - 17.08.2018 ics-Datei

Referenteninformationen - Prof. Mick P. Couper, PhD

Referenteninformationen - Dr. Ines Schaurer


The primary focus of the course is on helping participants design the best possible survey instruments for online data collection. The course will review the extensive empirical literature on the effects of design on measurement error in Web surveys, and provide practical examples and advice to maximize the quality of the data collected. Participants are encouraged to bring their own Web survey projects to class. The instructors will be using LimeSurvey (open source software) to demonstrate various design issues.
For a full length syllabus of this course, please click here.



Participants will find the course useful if:
  • Are designing or conducting online surveys or planning to do so;
  • Have some experience with (or knowledge of) questionnaire design.
  • The course will be particularly relevant for those with some prior experience with surveys in general, and Web surveys in particular.


By the end of the course participants will:
  • Be able to design a Web survey to maximize the quality of the survey responses collected;
  • Be familiar with the research literature and relevant theories on measurement error in Web surveys;
  • Understand the role that design plays in the quality of data obtained from Web surveys.
  • Identify gaps in the methodological literature and design studies to address these gaps.


Familiarity with survey research methods.