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Advances in Scale Development in the Social Sciences: Issues of Comparability

Datum: 14.11 - 15.11.2017 ics-Datei

Veranstaltungsort: Mannheim


GESIS provides a unique venue for interdisciplinary expert meetings and symposia, to which we warmly invite you. This year's two-day symposium on Advances in Scale Development will focus on how to deal with comparability issues. The topics range from assessing conceptual issues (i.e. functional and structural equivalence) to ensuring validity throughout the whole process of scale development. Key experts bridging different disciplines (e.g., social sciences, psychology, sociology) will give talks and present cutting-edge advances, exchange ideas about standards of the field and agree on shared views about best practices. In the course of the expert meeting there will be room for round-table discussions of the different positions with the aim to arrive at a blueprint for future best practices. The following topics might be discussed: the role of external linkages (ie. nomological network of meaning) for ensuring comparability of measurements, structural equivalence, measurement invariance with different approaches, the role of translations, and cognitive pretesting to ensure comparability, etc. Papers on theoretical approaches, critical treatises, empirical studies, and best practice approaches can be submitted. Innovative contributions in early developmental stages are also welcome.
We are happy to welcome Jon Krosnick (Standford, USA), Gerard Saucier (Oregon, USA), Matthias Ziegler (Berlin), Johnny Fontaine (Ghent, Belgium), Eldad Davidov (Cologne), Klaus Boehnke (Bremen), Jaak Billiet (Leuven, Belgium), Ana Villar (London, UK) and Kristen Miller (Washington, USA) who all have agreed to give talks and participate. The meeting and informal get-togethers provide ample opportunity to critically review ways to handle issues of comparability, to identify challenges in current scale development practice, and to discover possible remedies. We expect valuable contributions that are likely to shape survey research. The organizers will invite all contributors to internationally publish the conference outcomes, e.g., as a book or part of a book series.
Information about Registration
Accepted contributions will be eligible to register for the Expert Meeting. Detailed information about the registration process will be sent in due time. The financial contribution towards the expenses (e.g. coffee breaks, snacks, drinks and lunches) is €50,00.
We look forward to welcoming you in Mannheim. More information on traveling and accommodation can be found at:

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