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Dr. Nora Skopek
Tel: +49 621 1246277

Administrative Koordination

Claudia ODonovan-Bellante

3rd SERISS Train: Measurement quality and correction for measurement error

Datum: 26.02 - 27.02.2018 ics-Datei

Veranstaltungsort: Ljubljana, Slovenia


The course will discusses the problem of measurement error in survey research and its consequences in the results of the research. It will present different methods to estimate and predict measurement error and show how this information can be used for improvement of survey questions before data collection and for the correction for measurement error in data analysis.


The course is aimed at Doctoral Candidates at all stages, Postdoctorates from Humanities and Social Sciences and quantitative research practitioners in general.


By the end of the course participants will:
  •      understand what measurement error is and how it can affect substantive conclusions
  •      how measurement error can be estimated and predicted,
  •      and how you can correct for it in regression and structural regression models with  single and multiple indicators and sum scores using R. 


No prior knowledge of correction for measurement error is needed, but students should be comfortable with statistical concepts such as hypothesis testing, variance, standard errors and confidence intervals.
A basic understanding of survey methodology and a beginner's level understanding of statistical software is also required.


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