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Causality in the Social Sciences III: Heterogeneous Causal Effects

Mannheim & Online via Zoom
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Lecturer(s): Prof. Dr. Jennie E. Brand, Prof. Dr. Saskia le Cessie, Dr. Sebastian E. Wenz, Dr. Nora Müller, Dr. Klaus Pforr, Prof. Dr. Richard Breen

About the lecturer - Prof. Dr. Jennie E. Brand

About the lecturer - Prof. Dr. Saskia le Cessie

About the lecturer - Dr. Sebastian E. Wenz

About the lecturer - Dr. Nora Müller

About the lecturer - Dr. Klaus Pforr

About the lecturer - Prof. Dr. Richard Breen

Course description

Please note: The deadline for applications to actively participate in the workshop has passed and we have accepted 15 papers for presentation. If you have been selected to actively present your research at the workshop, please register by clicking on “register now” in the upper right corner and following the instructions. If you just want to listen to the presentations and talks, send an email to - we will share the according Zoom credentials in due time. Workshop participation is free of charge for both active and passive participants.
Workshop contents and organization: The workshop “Causality in the Social Sciences III - Heterogeneous Causal Effects” builds on two workshops funded by the Akademie für Soziologie in 2019 and 2020 and is itself funded by both the Akademie für Soziologie and GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences.
Effect heterogeneity is present whenever individual-level causal effects deviate from the average effect, for example, when individuals-or any other unit of observation-differ in their response to an intervention or treatment.
The workshop picks up on recent approaches and debates from three different angles: 
 1.  It's complicated: Interpretation of heterogeneous effects  
 2.  Estimating heterogeneous effects with observational and experimental data  
 3.  Machine learning techniques for specification search  
The two-day workshop provides opportunities for exchange and discussions about ongoing substantial and methodological research tackling one or several of these three topics.
Keynotes will be delivered by Jennie E. Brand, Professor of Sociology and Statistics at UCLA, Richard Breen, Professor of Sociology at the University of Oxford and Fellow of Nuffield College, and Saskia le Cessie, Professor of Statistical Methods in Observational (Clinical) Epidemiological Research, Universiteit Leiden.
Besides these general talks, early career researchers (PhD students and PostDocs) will present, discuss, and reflect on how far aspects of heterogeneity in causal effects are relevant for their research. Each presentation will be discussed by the invited keynote speakers as well as the workshop participants.