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First steps towards digital preservation

Date: 22.04 - 23.04.2015 ics-file

Location: Cologne

Target group

Archivists, repository staff, research data center staff, anyone responsible for (planning) the curation and preservation of digital assets.

This course is for you

  • if you work in an organization or project planning to set up an archive or repository for digital preservation, 
  • or if your organization already has established a repository or archive but has not systematically considered aspects of digital preservation.

Learning objectives

  • to gain an understanding of central concepts of digital preservation, as well as their practical application in the context of running an archive or repository
  • to become familiar with the digital preservation workflow and policy documents shaping it
  • to gain awareness  of challenges in digital preservation and ways of addressing them
  • to understand how different factors, such as the selection/acquisition process and the targeted user communities, impact digital preservation


The course requires no previous experience in digital preservation. Good command of English required.


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