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Linking Twitter & Survey Data (Online-Workshop!)

Dr. Johannes Breuer, Libby Bishop, Prof. Dr. Luke Sloan

Datum: 08.06.2021 ics-Datei

Veranstaltungsort: Online via Zoom

Referenteninformationen - Dr. Johannes Breuer

Referenteninformationen - Libby Bishop

Referenteninformationen - Prof. Dr. Luke Sloan


The workshop will cover the ethical and operational issues associated with linking Twitter and survey data. We will begin by thinking about what new and exciting opportunities this new form of linked data provides. We will then move on to the challenges associated with designing, collecting, analyzing, publishing and sharing this type of linked data. Drawing on recent experiences of three UK studies (British Social Attitudes 2015, the Understanding Society Innovation Panel 2017 (IP10) and the NatCen Panel July 2017) we will explore issues around informed consent, disclosure, security and archiving. The workshop will be interactive with a focus on participant engagement and dialogue.



By the end of the workshop participants will:
  • Understand the key ethical challenges in linking survey and Twitter data
  • Be familiar with the types of disclosure risks associated with linked survey and Twitter data
  • Know strategies for minimising risk in linked survey and Twitter data projects

  • Voraussetzungen

    Participants should:
  • Have a basic understanding of key survey concepts such as informed consent, anonymity and data security
  • Be familiar with traditional ethical frameworks that govern social science research
  • Have a basic understanding of what Twitter is and why it might be useful for social scientists

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