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Introduction to machine learning with R

Dr. Jan-Philipp Kolb, Alexander Murray-Watters

Date: 03.06 - 04.06.2019 ics-file

Location: Mannheim B2,8 / Course language: Englisch

About the lecturer - Dr. Jan-Philipp Kolb

About the lecturer - Alexander Murray-Watters

Course description

The course covers the basic use of R for supervised learning. The session walks through the process of machine learning, including importing data, running an analysis, and presenting results.
We cover high-level approaches to modeling (e.g., the caret package) and provide a thorough workflow in R that can be used with many different regression or classification techniques. Case studies on real data are used as examples, and several different predictive models are illustrated.


Target group

Working scientists who have a basic knowledge of R and would like to expand it.

Learning objectives

The workshop provides an application-oriented introduction to the use of R packages for machine learning.


Students should have a basic knowledge of programming with R. Students should  also be able to use different regression methods.


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