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Introduction to R

Online via Zoom
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Students: 330 €
Academics: 495 €
Commercial: 990 €
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Lecturer(s): Emilia Kmiotek-Meier

About the lecturer - Emilia Kmiotek-Meier

Course description

The workshop will introduce you to the open-source software R, using RStudio as an interface. You will learn how to import data into R, how to prepare your data for visualization and analysis with the package collection tidyverse, and how to visualize them with the package ggplot. In particular, we will look at types of objects in R, creating and modifying variables, basic types of data visualizations, uni- and bivariate analyses as well as multiple linear regression. We will also cover the basics regarding reproducible research in R. Note that the focus of the workshop is on getting familiar with R, not on the statistical concepts.
This workshop includes many hands-on exercises and its success depends on the active participation of the participants. There will also be opportunities to ask questions and discuss the code and concepts during the workshop.
The workshop will give you the opportunity to work on the data independently and to review and comment on the work of others. You are also welcome to bring your own data. The examples will be based on the European Social Survey (ESS, round 8).
Organizational Structure of the Course
Each section will be introduced by the lecturer with explanations of the underlying structures in R. In each section, you will carry out exercises. There will be time for questions. The teaching assistant will support you during the interactive R coding sessions.

Target group

You will find the course useful if:
  • you want to learn R in a structured and interactive way
  • you want to conduct statistical analyses in R
  • you want to explore data through data visualisation

Learning objectives

By the end of the course, you will:
  • know different object types in R
  • be able to prepare data sets/variables in R
  • be able to perform basic data analysis in R
  • be able to produce basic data visualisations in R


Basic knowledge of:
  • different types of variables (e.g. categorical, ordinal, continuous)
  • uni- and bivariate analyses (e.g. median, Pearson's r)
  • multiple linear regression
  • Skills in another statistical software are not necessary.
Software Requirements
I Please install the newest version of R and RStudio on your computer.
Installation of R:    
Version: base ("install R for the first time")
Installation of R-Studio:
Version: RStudio Desktop, Open-Source-Edition (free version)
II Please download the ESS, round 8 (2016)
Download the European Social Survey data: ESS8 - integrated file, edition 2.3; format: sav (SPSS) and csv. You will need an account to download the data set (no fees).


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