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Research Data Management and Open Science

Online via Zoom
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Lecturer(s): Anja Perry, Sebastian Netscher

About the lecturer - Anja Perry

About the lecturer - Sebastian Netscher

Course description

Have you ever searched for the right file but couldn't find it right away? Did you ever wonder why you coded a variable a certain way? Did you ever have doubts if it's actually legal to re-use research materials from someone else? Or did you ever think that data protection regulations are just too complex and restricting?
Working with research data can be challenging for various reasons. This workshop is designed to assist researchers in managing their research data within their research projects. Therefore, we introduce basic concepts of data organization, data cleaning, and data documentation. Moreover, we provide an insight into legal issues of data management in the social sciences, i.e., data protection regulations and intellectual property rights. These skills equip researchers to manage their data properly.
Having created and processed transparent and usable data within the project, it's just a few steps away from safely making data re-usable for others. Re-use of research data is of high relevance in the social sciences, generally labeled as Open Science. It enables others to re-use research materials, such as data, for new research purposes as well as for replicating research findings. We thus discuss concepts and ideas for digital preservation of research data beyond the research project as well as the workflows of data sharing to foster Open Science.

Target group

Participants will find the course useful if:
  • they are working on a quantitative research project in the social sciences
  • they aim to get a better understanding of legal issues, i.e., data protection and intellectual property, in the context of data management in the social sciences
  • they are planning their data collection, data cleaning and documentation
  • they want to get in touch with or refresh their skills on the basics of research data management

  • Learning objectives

    By the end of the course, participants will:
  • have gained a basic understanding of research data management within the larger data lifecycle and of Open Science in social science research;
  • be familiar with techniques of data cleaning and data documentation, as well as preparing their data for (re-) use;
  • be aware of legal challenges to data sharing resulting from data protection regulations;
  • be familiar with licenses and able to apply them to their data when sharing data with others.
    Organisational Structure of the Course
    This online workshop is structured around classroom instruction and hands-on exercises.
  • introduction in research data management and its various topics and issues;
  • discussions on how to implement various research data management activities in daily work or current research project;
  • hands-on exercises to better understand the various challenges of research data management and to develop solutions for such challenges.

  • Prerequisites

    Besides working with quantitative research data and being familiar with empirical research, this course has no further prerequisites. 
    Software and hardware requirements
    This workshop is designed as an online course. Therefore, further hardware besides a computer is not needed. Participants should have a statistical software package ready that they are familiar with, such as R, Stata, or SPSS. We may need it for some of the exercises.


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