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Data Visualization with Stata

Mannheim / B6, 4-5
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Students: 300 €
Academics: 450 €
Commercial: 900 €
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Lecturer(s): PD Asjad Naqvi, PhD

About the lecturer - PD Asjad Naqvi, PhD

Course description

This course is an introduction to data visualization with Stata. The target audience is doctoral students, early career, and senior researchers that have - at least - a basic knowledge of using Stata. The aim of this course is to understand, explore, and learn a wide array of Stata graph options, and learn to utilize them to present data in a meaningful way. This course is designed to help participants get comfortable with Stata syntax for both built-in and user-written visualization packages in order to create impactful visualizations. The course will start with the very basic use of graphs which will be expanded to include the use of locals, loops, and colors, as well as custom packages for data visualization, such as heat plots, stream plots etc. The course will further participants' understanding of best practices in data management and setting up workflows.

Target group

Participants will find the course useful if:
  • they want to get to know the workflow of producing data visualizations in Stata
  • they want to learn how to generate a wide range of figures for presentations, journal articles, and social media, moving from basic default options to customized and visually appealing figures

  • Learning objectives

    By the end of the course participants will:
  • Be able to implement the workflow of producing high-quality data visualizations in Stata themselves
  • Learn how to produce a wide range of data visualizations with existing Stata options and custom packages
  • Understand the role of fonts and colors
  • Understand how to focus on the story element of data visualizations and produce publication-ready graphs
    Organizational structure of the course
    This course is divided into six sessions. Each session will cover key concepts, alongside their hands-on applications. The different sessions will gradually teach participants the concepts, which are added up as building blocks of visualizations that will allow them to generate high-quality figures in the end. The sessions will cover different visualization types, ranging from simple scatter plots, line graphs, bar charts, and area graphs, to more advanced maps, heat plots, stream plots, ridgeline plots, etc. The concepts learned during this course can be applied to a variety of data visualizations for different projects and even to other software languages.
    The participants can decide to work individually or in pairs and can also bilaterally discuss the level of data visualization exercises they would like to work on.


  • A basic knowledge of Stata including familiarity with its interface, the use of drop-down menus and do-files
  • A basic knowledge of Stata syntax including reading data and working with variables
  • A basic understanding of how simple graphs are plotted is a plus
    Software and hardware requirements
    If participants wish to work on their own laptops, they need to have an installation of Stata 15 or higher (Stata 17 is preferred). GESIS Training will also provide laptops with the necessary software installed for participants who do not want to work on their own laptops or do not have access to Stata.


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