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Qualitative Network Analysis (Online-Workshop!)

Online via Zoom
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Students: 240 €
Academics: 360 €
Commercial: 720 €
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Lecturer(s): Dr. Markus Gamper, Laura Behrmann

About the lecturer - Dr. Markus Gamper

About the lecturer - Laura Behrmann

Course description

The workshop provides a basic introduction to qualitative network research. Starting from the epistemological premises of qualitative social research, we will dedicate ourselves to the conception of a qualitative network study and discuss the collection and analysis of network data. The participants will receive a basic introduction and overview of the current premises of qualitative network research. They get to know different kind of visuals tools for data collection and use the software Vennmarker, as well as sensitising strategies of qualitative analysis and interfaces to standardised network research. Theories, concepts and relevant studies of network research will be discussed. There is the possibility to bring in your own research projects and put them up for discussion.

Target group

Social scientists with basic knowledge of empirical social research.

Learning objectives

Knowledge of the basic terms and concepts of network research; planning an empirical study and practical advice on how to carry it out; support in developing your own research project.


Basic knowledge of empirical social research is assumed.


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